bioCancer - Interactive Multi-OMICS Cancers Data Visualization and Analysis

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bioCancer is a browser-based interface for Cancer Genomics Data analysis and visualization developped by R, and based on the Shiny package. Example of bioCancer server is hosted at http://46.101.227.???:3838/bioCancer/


bioCancer is listening user setting. Results are updated immediately when inputs are changed (i.e., no separate dialog boxes).


bioCancer focuses on Cancer Genomics data visualisation and Genes Classifications.

Circomics: Pull User genetic profiles with existing Cancer studies

Preprocessing and Plotting

Genes Classification and Biological terms Clustering

Network modeling example

How to install bioCancer

bioCancer courant release:

 if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE))

bioCancer is under development:


When bioCancer starts you will see a table of available Cancer Studies. To close the application click on Quit in the Navigation bar and then click the Quit button on the left of the screen. The bioCancer process will stop and the browser window will close (or gray-out).


Documentation and tutorials are available in the bioCancer web interface (the ? icons and the Help menu).


bioCancer is a collaborative work . Processing panel is adapted from radiant. I would like to thank Dr. Vincent Nijs for sharing his work for R community.